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Kingsgate Enterprises had humble beginnings.  Bob Gerrish had been working in various capacities at Associates for Management Services, Inc (AMS) in Bellevue, WA.  In 1983 AMS was purchased by Software International and they, in turn, by General Electric Information Systems Company (GEISCO).  AMS was (re?)developing and marketing an integrated Accounting and Manufacturing (MRP II) system that originated Tyee Aircraft in Everett, WA.  Bob worked with deployment of the product at customer sites, as a developer, as a Product Manager and finally as Manager of Software Support.  The product AMS MMC (Manufacturing Management and Control) was aimed at mid-sized businesses.  GEISCO tried eliminating the marketing structure that AMS had set up and switching to a direct sales approach.  After many months, they came to the realization that their sales force had no concept of how to market to smaller size businesses than the Fortune 500 companies they had dealt with in the past.  In spite of the fact that they deemed the product an excellent product, they decided to shelve it and close the business.  In June 1984, AMS officially closed it's doors.  Despite that, the MMC product was carried on by other vendor / developers and has transformed into some of the industry leaders in ERP systems for Manufacturers; among those are ROI Systems Mange2000, PRO:MAN from Proco Systems and Flexgen from Software21.

Bob developed contracts with 3 of the AMS customers who wanted him to continue supporting them.  Bob with his wife Janice, was also involved in a small chicken and produce farm in the Kirkland, WA known as Kingsgate Farm.  (This was in rented property on what is now the Olive Garden across from Totem Lake West, but was at that time sort of considered part of the Kingsgate area.)   Bob set up shop, software consulting, in his living room, with a dumb terminal and a 1200 baud dial up modem as Kingsgate Enterprises.  In 1985 he was joined by Doug Broadie who was an unemployed insurance auditor and wanted to be retrained in the Information Technology world.  At first Doug worked out of his home office.  After a few months, Kingsgate Enterprises purchased a used office trailer and had it installed on the farm. During Pumpkin season, Bob and Doug often took a few minutes off to take a trailer load of pre-schoolers on a ride up the hill to the pumpkin patch with the tractor. After Doug's trainee period, Doug and Bob, along with Dick Amendola who was a former manager at AMS incorporated the business as Kingsgate Enterprises, Inc.  All went well for a while and Kingsgate Enterprises, Inc. developed some products that were being marketed nationally to Pick Database shops.  The main bulk of business was still PICK database and MMC consulting.

In January, 1987, the consulting business went "South".  Three clients were keeping Doug and Bob busy full time and Dick had a "real" job with Boeing.  With the work load and no one doing marketing, the inevitable happened.  One of the clients was sold out by their product lines, which generated a lot of work transferring data to other systems.  This was the genesis of the "Export Processor" which was marketed nationally.  The second client was purchased by their biggest customer and immediately ceased using any outside consulting / development services to cut costs.  The third client merged with a customer on the East coast and also ceased using outside services.

At that point, Doug and Bob started marketing and started leaning toward the new, but emerging PC market.  Neither one of them being salesman and and making honest promises to potential customers, rather than salesman's unfounded promises, didn't get very far.  Consequently, Doug went back to insurance auditing and Bob found a position at Rocket Research in the Information Technology department.  Kingsgate Enterprises was shelved for several years.

In 1992, Bob started working with NTA (Northwest Traffic Associates) who was a third party Freight Bill Audit and Payment firm.  They were a small firm in Des Moines, WA (later in Federal Way, WA), but had some industry heavy weights as customers.  Their customers included Intel, Paccar/Kenworth Motors, Sun Microsystems, Apple Computer, Microsoft, Boeing, AMD and many other large and famous companies.  Bob tried to talk them into setting up an internal IT resales department to save some costs, but primarily control what went into the computers they were purchasing.  They didn't want to go that route, but since Bob still had PC Distributor ties, they agreed to purchase through him and Kingsgate Enterprises, Inc. was reborn.  Bob had kept the glimmer alive since 1988, but hadn't actively worked at the business, only occasionally selling a PC or two as an after hours sideline.

Now Bob Gerrish is back at it again. Bob has done many major projects in the past.
Some examples of these projects are:
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