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The answer is: This is as bold as we like to get because we want to reach everyone with our message.

If you want the flash and dazzle, we can do that too.
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News Flash - October 27, 2004

Broadband Connections Eclipsing Dial-Up in Major Markets

It seems that the Internet has reached over 150 million US homes and 33% are using high speed access.  That means that 67% are still using up dial-up connections.  Other statistics give the number of dial-up users as 64%.  A news article from the UK stated that dial-up usage is slipping by 9% a year.  The fact remains that majority of Internet users are dialing their way along the Information Super Highway in the slow lane.

How many web page viewers do you want to loose because you used so much Active X Scripting or Javascript or Flash that the page was just too slow to load and the dial-up user gave up?  Well, our answer is NONE and that is probably your answer too if you are trying to attract customers.

We will design a web page for you, but we adhere to the philosophy that we want to design a web page that loads well for all users and doesn't send them off looking elsewhere.

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